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Like Candy ~ Bubblegum Weekends

It’s been awhile since I did a Bubblegum Weekends post and I’m in the mood to look cute and colorful today!  I know I’ve got on quite the mix of greens and blues, but I feel pretty bubblegum-like (blueberry bubblegum) in this!  Hope you like it ❤

Hair: Ploom– Freya, Blues and Greens

Skin: Mojo– Amore, Hazelnut

Ears: Illusory– Elven Ear, a3

Tongue: Cobrahive– Tongue 07

Necklace: Earthstones– Figure 8 Necklace, Opal Mosaic (at Collabor88)

Top: Boom– Ice Cream Tanks, Mint Choco (at Collabor88)

Shorts: Plastik– Aeda Slacks, Teal, Minis & Shorts

Socks: Pig– Argyle Socks M. Suspenders, Marco S

Shoes: Moloko– Sneakers Kiss


Crystal Clarity

Spirit Store released this beautiful skirt, which comes in several colors and has a casual boho look about it.  I often have trouble wearing skirts in SL because my avatar is rather curvy, and my bum either goes through the prim, or i have to really stretch out the prim to fit and then it looks weird.  There have been times when I had to shrink my butt down to zero on the slider or put on a alpha layer just to wear a skirt!  Anyway, the point I’m making here is that this skirt is designed in a way that the prim doesn’t go over the butt, so you don’t have to worry about that!  You can rock your curves.  ❤ it!

Hair: Exile– Georgina, Light Browns  *NEW-ish (There have been so many great releases at Exile lately!)

Skin: Mojo– Amore, Hazelnut

Ears: Illusory– Elven Ear, a3

Necklace: League– Wanderer Necklace (comes in set with bracelets and earrings)

Ring: Kosh– Nebula Ring

Top: Mon Tissu– Cropped Tank Top, Brown

Skirt: Spirit Store– Gabriella long skirt, White  *NEW

Through The Haze

I just want to rave for a moment about the jewellery at Kosh.  *Clears throat*….Ah Erm….  There is so much amazing jewellery there! and the quality! wow!  The pieces look real and they fit so well.  I got this beautiful necklace there and you will definitely see me wearing many pieces from Kosh in future posts!  End raving.

Lately I’ve been all about dressing comfortably and choosing things not just because they’re new or the ‘in’ style, but because I like ’em!  I hope you like them too 🙂

Hair: Vive9– Lindsey, Brunette Tones

Skin: Mojo– Amore, Hazelnut

Ears: Illusory– Elven Ears, a3

Necklace: Kosh– Lotus Necklace

Top: Nylon Outfitters– Flower Flow Tank, Navy Blue

Jeans: Luck Inc.- Tyra Jeans, Flared Cuff, Taupe Grey

Feet: Slink– Barefeet Meduim

Last Light

Okay so I know this hair has been blogged into the ground, but I don’t care!  It’s just so cute!  This is one of the two gorgeous Elikatira hairs out at the Collabor88 event.  (To see the other style, see my last post)

Also, Emery has recently redone the store…or maybe not recently and it’s been awhile since I’ve been there.  Anyway, once I managed to find the door (slight mishap)…  I was so happy because there are so many new clothes!  I picked up this cool shirt there.  I suggest you head over and check it out!  Watch out for a pesky plate glass door though 😛

Hope you like the look ❤

I lurv my Illusory elf ears!  I don’t wear them that much lately but I miss my ears ❤

Hair: Elikatira– Changes, Rich Browns (avail. at Collabor88)

Skin: Mojo-Amore, Hazelnut

Ears: Illusory– Elven Ear, a3

Neck Tattoo: Theory– Headphone Neck Tattoo

Teeth- PXL– Mouth_open_addon

Shirt: Emery– Top Hanging, Dark Grey

Shorts: Mon Tissu– Greta, Used

Shoes: Sweet Leonard– Balloon Shoes (VIP Group Gift)

These Secrets Are Mine To Keep

Hello!  I’m so excited about this new skin from Mojo.  It’s called Amore, and I must say it’s a perfect name because I’m in love with it!  Also, I hit up the Collabor88 event today and purchased a bunch of things, including this beautiful hair from Elikatira.  The prices at this event are amazing and the designers are wonderful!  This dress is new from Sticky Fingers and is available at Fashionably Late.  Enjoy!

Below is an un-photoshopped photo so you can see what the skin looks like in-world.  With pretty windlight settings, of course!

1st Photo:

Hair: Elikatira– Breeze, Rich Browns (available at Collabor88) *NEW

Skin: Mojo– Amore, Hazelnut *NEW

Necklace: Yummy– Multiple Chain Necklace

Dress: Sticky Fingers– My Blue Oxford Dress (Available at Fashionably Late) *NEW

Pumps: MStyle– Rivea Pumps

2nd Photo:

Hair: Lelutka– SJ Hair, Dark Brunette

Skin: Mojo– Amore, Hazelnut *NEW

Top: Luck Inc.- Top part of Chacha dress, Nude

Fine Day

Just a simple look to show off this new sculpted top from birdy!  I think it’s so cute and the sculpt fits very well.   Hope you like the look!

Hair: LAMB– Our Deal, Honeycomb Root

Skin: CURIO– Airhead, Petal

Shape: THEORY– Hannah Shape *NEW

Top: BIRDY– Sculpted Top, Polka Dots *NEW

Jeans: LUCK INC.- Tyra Jeans Skinny, Fruit